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The SEMA award-winning easiest, fastest automotive air filter cleaner!

Company History


The REVOLUTION began with a challenge.

In 2015, inventor and owner John A. Smith ran into a dilemma. He had spent money and numerous hours on modifications to ensure his 1972 F-250 with a 390 FE Big Block had excessive horsepower but was frustrated with the cumbersome process of consistently cleaning his air filter.

John had selected a reliable K&N© air filter to maintain the horsepower he worked hard to obtain and did what he could to clean the air filter using the K&N© Power Clean system. The K&N© Power Clean system did wonders to keep his filter clean but left the filter wet and unusable until dry. In order to properly oil the air filter, he needed to ensure that the filter was thoroughly clean and dry. Oiling the filter while still damp results in an uneven oil coating, leading to further evaporation and areas of the filter exposed allowing dirt and contaminants through.


Before oiling it, John A. Smith tried to ensure the cleaned filter was thoroughly dry. He threw the filter up vertically on a whim and watched as water flew off. As he continued to spin the filter, more water flung off the cleaned filter, leaving it mostly dry and ready for use. At that moment, John knew there was an untapped market. With a little backyard engineering and a little help from his golden retriever Prince, the first rendition of the REVOLUTION was created.  


Present Day

Working with a variety of mechanical, manufacturing, and electrical engineers, the REVOLUTION as it is known today was refined and optimized to ease manufacturability.  Our product has been featured on Motor Trend, MAV TV, REV'N, and other networks.


Veteran Owned Small Business

Keep It Klean is a Marine Veteran-Owned small business based out of Southern California.