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The SEMA award-winning easiest, fastest automotive air filter cleaner!

About Us

Keep It Klean is committed to providing the fastest and easiest way to clean your reusable automotive air filters . We always strive for perfection and are committed to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction comes first. With numerous hours invested in design and testing, the REVOLUTION aims to provide a simple solution to a recognized problem that plagues the industry. 

Whether you’re in the pits, have only minutes between runs, or simply care about maintaining the power you paid for, the REVOLUTION saves you time, money, and energy by effortlessly cleaning your air filter with a few quick steps. The REVOLUTION lets you go about your day without having to worry about a dirty air filter. It’s that easy! 

The Team at Keep it Klean prides themselves with offering the best in reusable air filter cleaner products. Keep It Klean is devoted to continuous improvement of current product offerings through advanced research, testing, and development.