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The SEMA award-winning easiest, fastest automotive air filter cleaner!

Investment Relations

Product Line


Keep It Klean patent covers our four main products. This will service 80% of the Air Filters available.

Revolution - Our initial offering for smaller filters (less than 6" diameter and less than 7" in height.)

Rev II - Larger Diameter filters for Hot Rods, NASCAR, and Dirt Track (12" to 16" diameter, heights from 3" to 6")

Rev PRO - Much larger Diesel motors, Semi Trucks and heavy equipment (12-24" diameters, 24-48" in height)

Torrent - flat panel filters on newer cars and trucks

Investment needs


Based on existing development cost, each of of the above products will take between $50,000 and $150,000 dollars to Develop, Test, Certify Performance and Tool for production. 

Where looking for 20-50 Investors


We are looking for people with a minimum investment of $5,000 to get a well above average ROI.
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